Results from Coconut Oil in my dog’s diet

Hi Folks:

Well I have to tell you, I gave almost a teaspoon for each dog that weighs about 70-80 lbs each and the results have been quite unexpected. This coming from someone who has always used olive oil for their coats or bought food with Omega 3s!

It seems my friend Amanda was bang on with this one! My old girl with the long shaggy black coat who scratched the entire summer away(Ihate giving meds) stopped itching within two days and her coat is nice and shiny! I also gave to my golden who is in the picture and she always had rather coarse golden hair and it is now nice and soft and my old hound with short hair has stopped shedding!

I have another friend who swears by it for putting on the wrinkles on her face and many other uses.

I can only speak about dogs as I have not tried it on my wrinkles(I would need to buy a one gallon jar). So let me know how it works for you please!!

Until we meet again(yes still working on the house)


About dogsliketraining2013

Hi Folks: I have loved and trained dogs for 30+ years, training in various styles and am now a professional trainer. Many were rescues. I love to chat about things in the news, things to share with others about dogs! I love to read your dog posts too! Please keep it nice on my blog! Nasties will be removed!
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6 Responses to Results from Coconut Oil in my dog’s diet

  1. Glad it is working for you Kathy. And yes it is great for wrinkles 🙂 It is also great for your hair…now back to the dogs 🙂 Its great for all of those nasty little nicks and cuts that they get and you dont have to worry about them licking it because it is good for them. Great for bad breath and tartar too. Something I always have on hand in my home, for the two and four legged 🙂

    • And for all you folks who may read my blog(I hope) and you have folks that live Nova Scotia way, please have them check out Amanda and Corey’s training at the above website. I highly recommend them both as trainers. They are dedicated and fabulous with the animals and can teach you to have a great dog as well!

  2. Mel says:

    I have been looking to give my dogs coconut oil too. In fact, I have a huge container of it now. You just gave me the impetus to try it now. Thanks!

    • Hi Mel:

      You should notice difference within a week! I could not believe the difference after 12 years of my lab/aussie cross being itchy beyond belief and me(her staff) being left to clean up the piles and I mean piles of hair each day it is a miracle(no I don’t own shares in a coconut oil company). I started out with a teaspoon for her 80 lbs every other day to watch for any adverse reactions. Her coat is shiny and not one benadryl for the entire month of August. I can’t give her prednisone and I hate, hate the effects on them anyway! Please keep me posted and let me know how it goes! I so hope it works for you!

    • So curious Mel, how is it going with the coconut oil? Any changes? I notice that usually at this time of year, all the summer hair is dead and falling everywhere but I brushed and only got a handful and a nice shiny coat still!

  3. Oh Mel, just heard another tidbit today from a friend who actually takes the coconut oil and warms a bit and cleans out dogs ears as well as rubs on hot spots! Works like a charm and is a heck of alot cheaper than many commercial products out there!

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