Tips while training your dog!

Find a trainer who will introduce your dog to various other things they may encounter in daily life such as cats, other dogs, children or stationary objects, noisy objects

Train your dog in various places! Here my dog is doing a down stay after meeting a horse for the first time(Please don’t try off leash techniques unless your dog is advanced trained like this one)

Some important things to remember while training your dog:
1.) Train them in places other than your backyard or on your street(if I had a nickel for every time I heard in class-“she does it perfect at home”)
2.) Train them on various surfaces such as the sand at the beach, rocks, grass, gravel, pavement
3.) There is no room for Anger and Frustration while training, dogs don’t understand humans, they want you to you to show them what to do! Anger and Frustration will only lead to a fearful dog. Raising a hand to a dog or smacking on the nose will only serve to create a hand shy dog that may eventually bite someone out of fear.
4.) Always remember you are responsible legally for your dog’s behaviour, so if your dog bites someone or another dog, be prepared for legal action and bills.
5.) So don’t blame them, train them and if you don’t know how, seek out professional help!
6.) Remember Practice makes perfect! You will get out of your dog what you put into training!
7.) Ask questions of your trainer(or heck even ask me on my blog)No questions are silly, people often think they are and then realize that half the room says oh yeh my dog does that too!
8.) Involve the whole family in training,(the dog is part of your family) or at least teach them what you learn at school so everyone is giving the same commands/training the same way. Dogs will get confused with conflicting methods.
9.) For crying out loud stop repeating yourself because Fido tunes you out after the first “Sit” command so saying “Sit, Sit, Sit” is futile! (I know you are looking around feeling guilty right now?) Dogs just need you to show them in a humane way how to sit(this does not include hanging them on gentle leader until their neck torques to get them to sit or whacking their butts into a sit). Please train humanely! It is the only way to achieve a happy, healthy dog.
10.) Plan to practice during your walks(people may think you look odd, but not any odder than they look with their dog dragging them down the street). At least two half hour walks a day are recommended for fairly active dog.

So think about the above and decide if you want to look odd for awhile training your dog on the street or have your dog yanking you over snow banks or into the streets! People often say to me, your methods are so simple yet humane and effective how come I didn’t think of this? I suppose it is the same reason that I don’t know how to fix a toilet. It is simple to my plumber but not to me. My school name stands for the following and I practice what I preach:


If you can’t follow through with training a dog or exercising twice per day then consider day care/dog walker to help out and you do the training and show the walker what you are doing. Don’t even dream of showing up at Dog school telling me you practiced all week!I know you practiced an hour before you came in! You can make up all the excuses in the book but here is the thing you got the dog, so put the effort in now, much easier than chasing them down the street, picking up at the pound, wiping out when he chases something. Another option is a board and train which often trainers will offer if you are really that busy. But you must follow through at home as well after.

There really isn’t a magic cure, just know that you have to do the above to have a well trained dog. People whose dog’s are sitting yapping in the car at the grocery store are doing that because they have never been socialized and can’t stand to have their owner away from them. (you think oh he loves to go for a car ride and isn’t that adorable he is yipping for me). No it isn’t grow up! He is extemely anxiety ridden because you left him. As he ages this could cause heart palpitations etc. So please if your dog is one of those, leave him home, he doesn’t like car rides that much! You are the one who wants him there!

What do I mean by the dog not being socialized properly? Running around at the dog park? Stay tuned for part two another day please, click follow! I am tired! Thanks for reading! Happy training!


About dogsliketraining2013

Hi Folks: I have loved and trained dogs for 30+ years, training in various styles and am now a professional trainer. Many were rescues. I love to chat about things in the news, things to share with others about dogs! I love to read your dog posts too! Please keep it nice on my blog! Nasties will be removed!
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3 Responses to Tips while training your dog!

  1. For crying out loud stop repeating yourself because Fido tunes you out after the first “Sit” command so saying “Sit, Sit, Sit” is futile!

    Doesn’t work on dogs and doesn’t work on spouses either. I tried. Great post!

  2. I love the first tip! Ranger does pretty well at home, at the vet, dog park, and pet stores. It’s in class that he started being a booger. When he took his test at the end of his obedience classes he spent the first 20 minutes pretending he didn’t even know his name. Our puppy on the other hand (a 5 month old GSD) is an absolute dream anywhere but at home. Well, that’s not completely accurate. She’s awesome at home and out in public. What I mean is when it comes to working on a new trick, home is not the place to do it. She will follow along for maybe 3 or 4 minutes, then she’s done.

    Seems like both of my dogs have no problem showing off in front of other people, but when it comes to buckling down and working on something new at home they think “Yeah, ok mom. Whatever. I’m gonna go take a nap now.”

    Question (hopefully I’m not jumping the gun with your socialization post coming up!) Ranger has recently become a little stand-off-ish toward other dogs since we got Katrina, the GSD puppy. At day care, they have to start him off alone and introduce him to the pack one dog at a time. At the dog park I do something similar by going into the empty side first and letting him see the other dogs through the fence before letting him into the side with all the dogs. I have been trying to work with him, with some progress. It doesn’t take quite as long to get him warmed up. But do you think that as Katrina gets older and more confident he will stop trying to protect her so much, or do you think this is something he will continue to do?

    (Sorry about the long comment!)


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