Seasons Greetings fellow bloggers and dog lovers!

Mari(rt) and her friend Bayleigh who visitedPAX-my one year old White Shep pup(yep white parents lol)Queenie(15 years)I really have to apologize as I just suck as a blogger…if anyone has tips for me to be able to figure how to blog more often…please advise. I would like to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. People have said they enjoy my posts so I am going to really try in 2015!

My old lab cross Queenie will be 15 years young on the 4th and I have a young dog now who just turned one! My heart still mourns my Archie…but alas…two dogs is never enough when you have a big animal loving heart. So we added another dog(3 now) and with 4 cats and a husband sheesh…I should get a goat and a horse:)

Happy New Year all! Be safe and prosper with good health and wealth in 2015!


About dogsliketraining2013

Hi Folks: I have loved and trained dogs for 30+ years, training in various styles and am now a professional trainer. Many were rescues. I love to chat about things in the news, things to share with others about dogs! I love to read your dog posts too! Please keep it nice on my blog! Nasties will be removed!
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